Hi There! I'm DeAnn Straus

I'm a web developer based in Deerfield, Ohio

My Portfolio

Rogue Pickings Website

HTML & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

The designer's PSD provides developers key components to build a web design with elements like Header, Footer, Navigation Bar, etc placed sequentially. Converting a website design from PSD to HTML requires a clear understanding of front end development tools. By analyzing the design and identifying sections that are unique, a simple HTML layout is built. Sections are then elaborately focused on by applying Cascading Styling Sheet. Click on the Rogue Pickings image to view this static one page site.

Jubilee Austen Project

HTML 5 & CSS Website

This project site was designed to include additional pages allowing the website to grow and expand along with new content. Using a big background image can help create an impressive and memorable experience for site visitors. Well thought out CSS for font size, line height and margins give the page breathing room. Click on the image to visit this serene office space.

Recipe Collection

HTML 5 & CSS Website

This project consists of multiple columns for the layout giving a nice flow for the eye to follow. Borders and boxes help content stand out such as the times listed to prepare and cook the recipe. Lists and bullet points organize content, in this case the ingredients and directions. Click on the image to view this project.
ps. I highly recommend the basil pesto!

About Me


The world is full of interesting things to discover.
I'd love to hear your story and help you tell it!

Curiosity opened the door to my journey into HTML and CSS. Once inside that door, the challenge and creativity of web development has become a passion and along with learning to play piano is one of my favorite brain workouts!
My eye for detail and strong organizational skills bring clients good, practical solutions that stay within time limit and budget.